Shaping the Vision for a Multi-Domain, Networked ISR and C2 Enterprise

The Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management conference is the global intelligence and airborne community’s annual general meeting. Over the past four years, in both its UK and US iterations, the conference has evolved along with the reshaping of doctrine, pushing forward debate and discussion around networked warfare and shifts from platform-centric to information superiority-enabled concepts of operation.

Each year, this leading international symposium looks to understand how both existing and emerging airborne C2 and ISR capabilities can produce the desired effects in the battlespace through the networking of sensors, operators, battlespace managers, commanders, analysts and warfighters. Through the integration and interconnection of knowledge nodes across domains, across networks and across agencies and armed forces we can achieve true information dominance, and it's this vision for multi-domain, information and decision-making superiority that will underlie the focus of the 2017 symposium, bringing together senior military leaders and industry innovators from every region to establish new methods of thinking, operating and integration.

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2017 Speakers Include:

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Key discussion points for 2017:

Leading in Uncertain Times

Acquisition and development of next generation ISR and C2 BM assets to ensure capability superiority and continued adaption to changing technological and operational realities

Look Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Military-industry cooperation on how to shape requirements and ensure that modernisation programmes are proactive, not reactive?

Upskill Your Frontline into Leadership Positions

How to maximise the benefits of Big Data to maintain robust and versatile PED capabilities

Towards Outcome Centric Measurement

Inter-force, cross-domain and cross-hemispheric cooperation and information sharing to support global initiatives for a joint ISR network

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