Airborne ISR & C2BM Report 2017

Each year, this leading international symposium looks to understand how both existing and emerging airborne C2 and ISR capabilities can produce the desired effects in the battlespace through the networking of sensors, operators, battlespace managers, commanders, analysts and warfighters. Through the integration and interconnection of knowledge nodes across domains, across networks and across agencies and armed forces we can achieve true information dominance, and it's this vision for multi-domain, information and decision-making superiority that will underlie the focus of the 2017 symposium, bringing together senior military leaders and industry innovators from every region to establish new methods of thinking, operating and integration.

As a complimentary offering to the community, this annual report provides the latest information available on worldwide airborne ISR assets – from airborne early warning to reconnaissance aircraft, both manned and unmanned – in order to help end-users and industry understand the requirements at hand.

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