Focus Day: Clayton Chiswick Hotel

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee

Matt Roper

Chief, Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance,
NATO Communications and Information Agency

11:40 AM - NaN:NaN AM Developing The Future Leaders Of The U.S. Air Force

Gina Grosso, Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services, Headquarters U.S. Air Force
• What skill set is required to achieve success in future air conflict?
• How should the USAF work to overcome issues with recruitment and retention of highly skilled airmen and women?
• How should senior commanders cultivate an environment of supportive skills development in decision-making and specialist skills in ISR?
• What are the current performance metrics being used and what changes are needed to create incentives for retention?
• What can military learn from industry in sourcing and developing the best talent?

Gina Grosso

Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services
Headquarters U.S. Air Force

12:20 PM - NaN:NaN AM Raytheon Focus Day Presentation

Sponsored by Raytheon

12:50 PM - NaN:NaN AM The Future Leaders Of The RAF: Innovation And Technical Dominance

• What challenges is the RAF facing in recruitment and retention of pilots and individuals with critical, technical skills, such as intelligence analysis and cyber?
• How can the RAF unlock the full potential of its intellectual and technological capital?
• What does the RAF need from industry to support these initiatives?

1:20 PM - NaN:NaN AM Lunch and Networking

• Defining innovation
• The challenges faced by large hierarchical organisations to manage disruption
• Introducing the Defence Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) and Hacking 4 Defense (H4D) programme; their role in supporting non-traditional partnerships

Wg Cdr Keith Dear

Intelligence Officer and DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

Neill Hunt

Defense Entrepreneurs Forum UK

3:05 PM - NaN:NaN AM BrAIN Boxes: Workforce Empowerment And Leadership In The British Army

Lieutenant Kirsty Skinner, Founder, British Army Intrapreneurs' Network (BrAIN)
• How do you cultivate curiosity and creativity and intelligent disobedience in the military?
• The history and objectives of the British Army Intrapreneurs’ Network
• Current challenges facing the British Army from a recruitment, retention and leadership perspective

Lieutenant Kirsty Skinner

British Army Intrapreneurs' Network (BrAIN)

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM How connectivity through new, high-throughput satellites can provide resiliency and improve mission success

Simon Hoey, Business Development Global Government, Intelsat
• Benefit from substantial improvements in throughput for manned and unmanned ISR applications
• Ku Band satellite services for affordable transmission of sensor data and video in-flight
• IGC’s new aeronautical satcom capability begins early in 2018 promising an 8X improvement in performance over yesterday’s networks
• Superior security with Intelsat EpicNG

Simon Hoey

Business Development Global Government
• The role of academia and S&T research in fostering cultures of innovation in defence intelligence
• What is needed to change conventional mind-sets and approaches to technology development and implementation within the military?
• Case study: automisation and the human in military decision-making

Dr Nick Yeung

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Oxford

Dr Nick Yeung

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Oxford

Major Aaron Celaya

Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Oxford

Wg Cdr Keith Dear

Intelligence Officer and DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

5:40 PM - 7:10 PM ViaSat Cocktail Reception