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This year’s event will address a range of issues that are shaping contemporary military thought, practice and acquisition: 

  • Cultures of Innovation: How can we as an airborne community improve skills development and retention to ensure our future airborne leaders can thrive and succeed in the information age?
  • Sustaining Air Superiority: What range of capabilities should we pursue to ensure that we can counter the anti-access strategies and technologies being developed by our adversaries?
  • Doctrine and Practice: What deficiencies exist in current C2 doctrine and practice and what lessons in battle management can we learn from recent coalition operations in Iraq and Syria?
  • Man-Machine: How can we harness advanced multi-source analytical tools to support decision-making in high-tempo operations? 
  • Resiliency: What steps can we take to limit our vulnerability in the space and cyber domains?   
  • Capability Development: How can we modernize our acquisition process so it is fit for purpose in the information age? 

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